Christmas at the Cathedral

Facing the perils of the pandemic, Worcester Cathedral approached us to develop their first ever Christmas fundraising appeal.

Fast-forward to the end of 2021, we helped the organisation capitalise on the success of its earlier campaigns with a second Christmas appeal and door drop across Worcester.



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The cathedral isn’t just a place of worship, it’s the beating heart of the community and never more so than at Christmas.

Their Christmas appeals not only raised funds, but also helped the church reach out beyond their normal supporter base; telling more local people the cathedral’s story and demonstrating just how integral it is within the community.



From Worcester Cathedral

Working with Pebblebeach is a hugely rewarding experience. The team really do take the time to get to know you and your charity, to see the project or campaign from your perspective, bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience to secure results. We have learned a lot about ourselves and our potential from working with Ash and his colleagues.”

Cathy Sloan | Fundraising Manager | Worcester Cathedral

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