Thanksgiving thistles in the heart of Scotland

Our Scottish friends at St Andrew’s Hospice asked for a wee bit of help with their new in-memory proposition. As the pandemic put the brakes on their in-person fundraising opportunities – hospices still needed extra help and care.

Enter a new concept – Thanksgiving Thistles – a fittingly Scottish way to commemorate lost loved ones throughout the community.


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Supporters were welcomed to dedicate a thistle to somebody special, as well as attend a joyous thanksgiving service at the hospice on an August evening.

The appeal was a soaring success – thistle dedications came pouring in and the service shone with celebration and love. 

From St Andrew’s Hospice

We had toyed with the idea of a summer memorial appeal for several years and we had various competing ideas and options. Working with Pebblebeach brought clarity to what we wanted to do, creating both a brand new appeal in our calendar and a new thanksgiving event for people in Lanarkshire.

The event was particularly poignant as it came at a time when we could physically gather again in person to give thanks to the lives of those who had died both during, and outside of, the pandemic. Pebblebeach was the catalyst in getting us to that point and we are delighted at what it has achieved.

John Brady | Head of Fundraising | St Andrew’s Hospice

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