Patient Comfort Appeal – Part Two! 

After the initial success of St Barnabas’ Lincolnshire’s Patient Comfort Capital Appeal, it made perfect sense to try ‘Part Two’ – Sue’s Wish List.

Superstar Sue is the perfect face of this appeal – kind, patient and knowledgeable (and she enjoyed the interaction her newfound fame had brought her in Tesco!).





With Sue’s list of the equipment they were hoping to buy, along with details of what made them so important – we got to work showing why slightly unsexy medical equipment (bladder scanners, mouth care kits) is so vital to the comfort of a hospice patient in their most vulnerable days.

Our second challenge was showing clinical equipment in a softer light. With creative caps firmly on, we constructed bright, eye-catching, vibrant illustrations.

This must have struck a chord, as within hours of the appeal being launched, St Barnabas’ Lincs were inundated with donations; two people offered to pay for the bladder scanner outright – result!


From St Barnabas Lincolnshire

“We’ve worked with Ash and the team at Pebblebeach for several years now, and they never fail to create and deliver amazing content for our appeals. Our Patient Comfort Appeal Part 2 – Sue’s Wishlist was no exception.

What sets this appeal apart was the exceptional and beautiful way they captured Sue’s and Paula’s words and described the ‘feeling’ of how each of the items provide comfort to our patients. Everyone who’s read it and knows Sue has remarked, “This is so Sue, I can hear her saying these words.”

To date, it’s one of our most successful appeals – and it surpassed our target within three weeks! Pebblebeach really know their stuff, as well as being exceptional timekeepers. We’re already looking forward to working with them again.”

Veronica McBain | Head of Fundraising & Marketing

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