An animated appeal with St Barnabas House 

We embraced the challenge of turning St Barnabas House’s equipment list into a dynamic and successful campaign. Focusing on the joys and benefits of the equipment for the patient – and outlining their journey from bed to bath, we re-imagined each piece for the narrative.



To demonstrate the journey from bed to bath, we created George – who showed each step and piece of equipment. Our mutual enthusiasm for George inspired St Barnabas to turn him into an animation for their website and across social media.

St Barnabas gave supporters a cohesive package that included a versatile animation, direct mail pack and digital materials. The appeal delivered great results, allowed us to indulge our creativity and resulted in an entirely unique campaign.


From St Barnabas House

“We set Pebblebeach the challenge of following up on our successful Patient Comfort Appeal in 2018, to fund raise for new beds and mattresses, with another equipment appeal which would engage and inspire our local community to support the hospice.

They rose to the challenge and produced an amazing Bed to Bath Appeal using a fictional illustrated patient called George to explain how important it is for patients to be able to enjoy a bath in comfort and dignity whilst in our care.

They managed to make everyday equipment – special bed sheets, slings, hoist and bath chairs – engaging to our supporters, producing an appeal which brilliantly explained how much we needed the equipment.”

James Millen | Donor Marketing Officer 

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