A very furry Christmas 

Huge numbers of animals were brought to shelters during the pandemic, needing new homes, care and love. That’s why we were excited to work with Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare on their Christmas campaign, to help them cope with this growing demand for their support.




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Our campaign featured stories from three animals at Raystede; donors were asked to help keep everything from rabbits to dogs to geese safe and warm through the winter months. Then, the appeal asked donors to send in their messages of hope on a specially designed bauble.

Thanks to a huge response, Raystede raised much-needed funds to help keep the centre open throughout the winter. Building greater local awareness of the charity’s work was an added bonus.

From Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

“We’ve absolutely loved working with Pebblebeach; the last few years were especially challenging. But thanks to the team’s knowledge, experience and energy, Pebblebeach created campaigns which have really resonated with supporters and achieved some of our most impressive results.”

Stephanie Smith | CEO | Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare

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