A glowing result for Dorothy House Hospice

The challenge. Dorothy House Hospice launched the ‘Firefly’ display and appeal in 2021. It’s a beautiful sight to behold – an artistic display of hundreds of tiny lights, twinkling in the hospice grounds. Back then, supporters were invited to donate a light in memory of a loved one. It was a huge success. But could we engage supporters two years in a row?


Our solution. Together with a carefully selected mailfile, we strengthened the proposition, putting a strong focus on the unique opportunity for individuals to remember their loved ones in this stunning setting.

The star of the appeal was Sue’s beautiful story about her daughter Jo, who spent the last few weeks of her life being cared for at the hospice. During her time there, Jo ‘blossomed,’ with her final days filled with ‘happiness, vibrancy and love.’

The result. The appeal did amazingly well, flying above and beyond Dorothy House’s fundraising target, tripling the income from the first year.

We’ve since been thrilled to continue working with Dorothy House throughout the year and into 2023!

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