Gift Aid review with Concern Worldwide UK

Concern Worldwide UK got in touch to get our expert eyes on their Gift Aid procedures. They wanted to make sure that every ‘i’ was dotted and every ‘t’ was crossed, ensuring they didn’t miss out on that vital extra revenue available to them via Gift Aid.

With the team, we conducted a thorough review of their internal Gift Aid procedures. Data handling, along with query resolution, financial reconciliation and reporting were all explored. We then reviewed their outstanding Gift Aid claims for compliance.

Our insights and recommendations in hand, Concern Worldwide UK got to the end of their financial year feeling confident their submissions were reliable and accurate, allowing them to claim every extra penny!

From Concern Worldwide UK


Pebblebeach delivered a very comprehensive and thorough review of our Gift Aid procedures, checks and controls, giving us a very high degree of confidence that the claims we submit are fully compliant with HMRC requirements.  The review also made clear recommendations for further work which would enable us increase income from Gift Aid claims going forward.

Peter Anderson | Northern Ireland Director | Concern Worldwide UK

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