Raising the Roof for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice!

Last year amid the chaos of the pandemic, Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice found themselves in deep water (with only a few buckets to help!). The terrible news was that the roof of their hospice was beyond repair and unlikely to see them through the following winter; they needed to raise a staggering £260,000 in just a few months to replace it. If they failed, they’d risk closing some, or worse yet all, of their inpatient unit.

While they knew raising this sum of money was a tall order, they demonstrated that dedication, perseverance and a splash of creativity really do pay dividends.

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Hand-in-hand, we helped craft the hospice’s Raise the Roof campaign, informing the community about the situation to ask for their help. Birmingham St Mary’s hospice cares for thousands of local individuals and families, with their building at the heart of their care. People recognised the vital work of their local hospice care and donations came flooding in.

Thanks to a fully integrated fundraising campaign, their incredible £260,000 target was reached – one of Birmingham St Mary’s most successful campaigns to date – and work on repairing the new, warm and damp-free building is underway!

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From Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice

“Working with Pebblebeach again has proven very important for our charity. During a time of significant transition and development for the charity sector, Pebblebeach provided expert, practical and highly usable knowledge and skills to develop an idea into a campaign. ‘The Roof Campaign’ has been the most successful campaign ever run by the Hospice and saw an increase on target by 108%. I can only commend the relational and hands-on approach of the team which is distinctive and enables success in every area. I look forward to continuing our relationship going forward.”

Katy O’Sullivan | Head of Fundraising Partnerships & Supporter Experience | Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice