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Raffles for Hospices – A Case in Point

Raffles could be a big draw for charitable donors this summer – here are our thoughts on why. Today, it seems like we can make the tiniest of steps forward towards whatever the new world holds for us. Cautiously. And, not withstanding a fair helping of trepidation....

Keys to Virtual Fundraising Success

Virtual fundraising activity has now exploded, but with all the competition, here’s some tips for making virtual fundraising work for your charity. 

In Trusts We Trust

Our Trusts expert, Andrew Peel, discusses a few trusts and grants resources for charities that will help to navigate the choppy waters of the current fundraising environment.

Emergency Fundraising Appeals for Hospices – A Case in Point

The past few months have been tough for so many people around the world. But perhaps tough is too simple a word: in reality, these months have been heartbreaking, terrible, frightening. People are worried about their next meal, their jobs; worried about the health...

Fundraising in exceptional circumstances

These are uncertain times for charities, but Pebblebeach is here to offer help and support wherever it’s needed. Now, more than ever, it’s important that we support each other – and all members of the charity community – in any way we can.