Hello there Fundraisers,

My, it is getting a bit grim out there. Not just the weather, but the constantly evolving circumstances we all find ourselves in. New people making decisions about our lives, the worry that accompanies turning the heating on, the ambivalence encircling the World Cup, COP27.

But, amid all this, there are the endeavors of human kindness and hope; big parts of why so many of us work with charities. I’ve recently become a trustee of the Brighton-based charity Pedal People. There’s nothing quite so joyous as cycling (except for playing beach volleyball, which, I’ll be honest, I do rain or shine). But not everyone can cycle – so Pedal People are there to offer that wonderful wind-in-hair feeling to elders and people who need extra support.

This kindness, and the joy it brings, is capable of making a huge difference to people’s lives – even when things look bleak. So many charities offer the tools and support that people need to keep going in the face of adversity – charities like the Anti-Bullying Alliance and Gendered Intelligence. There’s a special place in the calendar this month with Anti-Bullying and Transgender Awareness Weeks.

Oh, and we’re highlighting death. Our recent trip to the inaugural Death Festival here in Brighton was full of inspiring takes on bodies, grief and of course, remembrance.

Take a biscuit break and read on if you’ve got a few minutes – and pay some kindness forward to a friend, colleague or even a stranger today.


account director, beach volleyballer, rainy-day cyclist


From the 14-18 November both Trans Awareness Week and Anti-Bullying Week run side by side, and in some ways go hand-in-hand. Both teach key messages of kindness and speaking up against hate.

Anti-Bullying Week sees schools encourage children to take part in activities alongside their teachers and parents to speak up against bullying. The theme for this year is ‘Reach Out’, calling for people to support one another more often.

Trans Awareness Week is about celebrating trans joy and remembering those who are sadly no longer with us, due to transphobia — which is still a problem. Trans Day of Remembrance, on November 20th, was founded as a vigil for Rita Hester, a transgender woman who was killed in 1998.

This gives trans people the opportunity to recognise their history and to spread awareness about trans lives outside the community on a worldwide scale.

The brainchild of WOW Foundation CEO Jude Kelly, Death Festival posed serious and some irreverent questions about a topic many people like to avoid. How important is it for us to be able to die at home – wherever that may be? How can we better commemorate and make monument to those who died as a result of Covid – or during the Grenfell Tower fire? A diverse set of panellists explored and probed the event that touches us all – with interesting results.

Death Festival will be rolling out across the UK – keep an eye out for how you can join in near you.

Stay tuned for…World Toilet Day 2022

…On November 19. Speaking of a topic no one wants to talk about, toilets, like death, are a part of daily life. But did you know there are over 3.6 billion people worldwide that use unhygienic toilets, detrimental to both their health and their environment?

Sustainable Development Goal 6.2 is the world’s promise to ensure safe toilets for all by 2030. But, we’re seriously off-track to meet the goal. That’s why charities such as WaterAid and UnWater are working to change this – and you can get involved. Grab downloadable posters and branded materials and go potty to help inspire and motivate others ahead of #WorldToiletDay.

Spotlighting…Coeliac UK’s Research Fund resurgence

When the pandemic brought Coeliac UK’s Research Fund activity to a halt, the charity later enlisted our help to give it a revival. Marrying strong copy with eye-catching visuals, we crafted the charity’s ‘Journey to a Cure’ appeal for a bigger, bolder, braver rebrand. The appeal was one of their most successful to date, bringing in over £100k – and donations are still coming in!