Hello there Fundraisers,

We’re back with the second edition of The Word on the Beach, your biweekly news scoop from across the charity sector.
As guest editor this week, I’ll be shining a light on some important topics and signposting you to key events happening throughout November. First up, National Stress Awareness Day, taking place today.

Stress is something we all experience at different times and to different degrees. And in a society driven by competition, money, success, it’s easy to see how the rat race has become the norm. For me, keeping stress in check is about unplugging from the noise and busyness of modern life and reconnecting with nature; the sea, the stars, the flora and fauna. Living in Cornwall, there are beautiful coves and rugged paths to explore right at my doorstep – not to mention the best surfing spots the UK has to offer.

That’s why today, I’ll be making time for a few simple self-care routines that help me to de-stress (fingers crossed I’ll get a surf in too!) – I hope you’ll join me.

Bye for now,
Lucy Davis
Copywriter, ocean-lover and fundraiser


Happening today, Wednesday 2nd November. There are different ways to get involved to help bring some peace and calm to your day. From mindfulness practices, to kicking the caffeine or going outdoors, these small steps can see big results. The International Stress Management Association (ISMA) will also be hosting an Online Global Stress & Wellbeing Summit on Wednesday 9th November. This year’s theme is ‘Working together to build resilience and reduce stress’. Check out the event details below.


Running from 1-30 November, the Veg Pledge is an initiative set up by Cancer Research UK that encourages supporters ‘Take the Veg Pledge’ and ditch the meat for a month. The incentive is to help the charity beat cancer with the money raised by pledgers – but also to highlight the benefits of a plant-based diet.

Research has shown that going veggie can reduce the risk of heart disease, while some studies have shown that a diet rich in fruit and veg may help reduce the risk of certain cancers. Not only that, but saying no to meat is an environmentally friendly option – and it just makes economic sense.

Winner, winner, meat-free dinner.


As part of the charity’s #IRemember campaign running from 7-13 November, Dying Matters will be partnering with world-renowned photographer, Rankin, to showcase a series of real-life portraits on the themes of death and grief. The idea behind the project is to destigmatise the topic of death, creating space for people to share their experiences and support one another along their unique journeys of grieving.

Supporters are encouraged to submit their stories and a photo of the loved one they have lost, for a chance to be photographed by Rankin and featured in this year’s campaign.

When it comes to fundraising, there’s no denying the power – and importance – of Regular Giving. Recognising this, Weldmar Hospicecare took the plunge with their first-ever Regular Giving appeal.

Find out how we helped build a bespoke campaign which not only recovered lapsed donors, but also saw an increase in the number of new direct debit sign-ups – and gift upgrades too!