Raffles could be a big draw for charitable donors this summer – here are our thoughts on why.

Today, it seems like we can make the tiniest of steps forward towards whatever the new world holds for us. Cautiously. And, not withstanding a fair helping of trepidation. We’re at a point in time where it is sensible to now look back as well as forward. We cannot forget the absolutely terrible time some people have experienced in recent weeks, but we also have to squint at the horizon and dip our toe in the water in order to gauge the current temperature.

And the same is absolutely true in fundraising. It’s always been about looking back in order to move forward. Only this time, we don’t have a very big history to reflect on. However, what’s happened with your fundraising efforts since March is keenly relevant and vital for building a new path for your charity to walk along.

For us, we’re continuing to hear good news from our clients on emergency appeals. ellenor, to name one charity, is currently up to £112,000 with their campaign. Other clients have decided to jump in and start a crisis appeal with us having seen the success had elsewhere. We’re helping some charities sculpt an ongoing narrative of need with the ‘tricky’ follow-up communication. For some, that’s in the form of a ‘stage-two update’ and an ask for on-going support, whether that’s a one-off cash donation or a regular gift; for others, that’s a raffle.

Whether you’ve done a summer raffle in the past or are looking to try one for the first time, it’s our feeling that now is an opportune moment for a raffle proposition. It’s a chance to a) tell donors where your hospice is at in this moment, b) offer them the opportunity to win something in a time when many need a bit of light relief and c) support you – their favourite charity.

During these unchartered times, we’ve seen the public really come together as one force for good – and it’s that impulsiveness and willingness to be connected we’re encouraged by. Your supporters are a captive audience at home and it’s likely that you’ll get a greater take up than usual because, well, why wouldn’t you have a flutter and support a worthy cause in need? Plus, it’s a bit of fun and after weeks of lockdown, who wouldn’t jump at the chance of good old-fashioned fun?

So, we are offering all hospices across the UK our help with the creation of a raffle pack.

As we acknowledged with our emergency DM offer, we get that hospices have to spend wisely now; therefore, we’ve again had negotiations with our suppliers and made a discount ourselves in order to bring the hospice community a reduced price. We are also able to offer support through email or social media. A full cost breakdown, including various print quantities, is available upon request.

Whatever the near future holds as we inch slowly back into a new normal, people have shown they’re willing to support and that lightening the mood is alright too. A raffle ticks all the boxes in that regard. So, if you’d like to discuss how we might work together to create one for you, please say hello.