The past few months have been tough for so many people around the world. But perhaps tough is too simple a word: in reality, these months have been heartbreaking, terrible, frightening. People are worried about their next meal, their jobs; worried about the health conditions that may ordinarily be manageable, but today could be life-threatening. Today, life is more than difficult; it’s scary.   

In our small corner of this world, we’ve been working hard to continue supporting the wonderful hospices who entrust us with their fundraising. For some, this has simply meant a friendly face and a wave down the end of a Zoom call; for others, it’s meant helping to chart the myriad of changes their charity faces and to develop the best way to tell everyone who supports them what’s happening to the charity they love. 

There are real, tangible needs that so many hospices have today that they didn’t yesterday. And every day they’re struggling to find the funds to meet this challenge – to convert hospice beds to take on Covid-19 patients, to buy personal protective equipment that will protect and reassure nurses and doctors, to purchase the laptops that will shift vital services from face-to-face to online. Or to buy iPads, so that terminally ill children can see the people they love; it’s not a hug or a hand to hold, but it’s something.

Many charities are seeking emergency funding, but it’s our firm belief that local hospices, who are doing amazing things in this time of crisis, should be at the top of the list. The need for nursing and care has never been greater. National charities are already asking for support – all hospices should absolutely be out there too, making their case known, because if ever there was a time to be asking for help from supporters, it’s now.

So, we are offering each and every hospice in the UK help with an all-important emergency appeal.  

Of course, hospices must consider their fundraising costs right now; so, through negotiation with our printers (who’ve kindly fixed their fees), we’ve reduced our own fees significantly to write, design, print and mail an appeal as quickly as possible for you. We’re also able to offer support through email or social media campaigns. A full cost breakdown, including various print quantities, is available too.

We are already working around the clock on emergency appeals for several UK hospices. If you’d like to discuss how we might create one for you too, please get in touch. And, above all, keep well, happy and safe.