As we approach what will be the most challenging time any of us have seen, we wanted to reach out and explain our view on what 2020 could hold for the charity sector.

There’s a clear paradox for us as fundraisers. On one hand, of course, people’s charitable giving is likely to fall substantially, as the effects of Coronavirus become apparent. On the other, the reality is that the very people who are the focus of all our work, our beneficiaries, are the people most at risk, while many teams who we work so hard to support are on the front line.

The need for our work will not diminish. If ever there was a chance for charities to justify and demonstrate their worth, it is now.

We believe, strongly, that this is not a time for the charity sector to hibernate and spend reserves, waiting for ‘normality’ to resume. We also believe that charities must be proactive, reaching out to deliver a clear message of need – giving people the inspiration to continue their support. If we do this, in a calm, reasoned, appropriate way, then we give ourselves the chance to maintain some income streams and, crucially, sustain relationships that will be needed to fund services next year and beyond.

We also see 2020 as the year when charities can finally get to all the housekeeping, reviewing and planning work we’ve wanted to do for years – but haven’t been able to get to.

Pebblebeach is part of many charity fundraising teams. We’ll continue to support you through these difficult times. If you need advice, creativity or inspiration, we’ll be here for you. If you need direct help to deliver a fundraising activity or communication, we’ll support you. If you need a partner to help you plan for the future, we’ll be just that.

We’re here if you want to have a conversation about any aspect of your fundraising programme. Now, more than ever, it’s important that we support each other – and all members of the charity community – in any way we can.

With all best wishes to you and your colleagues,

The Pebblebeach Team