We Heart Challenge Events

It’s that time of year again – time for people to throw themselves out of planes (safely, promise), trek vast mountains, cycle across countries, all in the name of charity!

Here at Pebblebeach, we’ve got two of our own challenge events heroes; Senior Account Manager Amy and Account Manager Chelsey.

Challenges we’ve faced…

A few years back, Amy raised money for local charity The Argus Appeal by taking part in the Brighton to Paris Bike Ride – nearly 200 miles from start to finish. Amy’s impressive £1,300 was put towards backing local organisations who help vulnerable children in need around Sussex; for example, the charity pays for a minibus which picks up her young neighbour, a wheelchair user, bringing her to and from school each day.

Back in 2014, Chelsey took part in the London Marathon to raise money for The Cancer Treatment Research Trust at Mount Vernon, in memory of her Mum. An elite fundraiser (which we already knew!), Chelsey smashed her given target of £1,500.



Once she completed that daunting task, Chelsey took to the sky. The Cancer Treatment Research Trust organised her skydive and paid for her place; in return, she utilised her social media skills and gift of the gab to raise a boastful amount; she even made it into the top 3% of Just Giving Fundraisers that year – what a pro!

Challenge events are a unique, but vital approach to fundraising. For those less inclined or unable to give their own hard-earned cash, this is a chance to be charitable but also, to do something incredible. Hard work? Sure. But, the adrenaline rush will from these challenges is worth it!

Now, what to choose?

We’ve marvelled at extreme-sports-type things, gargantuan treks/hikes and races; Mount Kilimanjaro climbs, Machu Picchu treks, wing walks; all impressive, life-affirming things. Though, they’re perhaps not for everyone – that’s where the runs, walks and cycles come in handy (slightly less intimidating activities!). Doing something relatively outrageous may ensure you more donations – pushing the boat out really does pay (maybe quite literally if you’ve gone for a maritime challenge). But the most important thing is that you pick something you’re comfortable with – and something you know you can complete. That way, you’ll have a stellar time – and the charity will benefit from your sponsorship.

The benefits to charity support

Having a charity organise your challenge – so you can just turn up and get on with it – means you can avoid the admin and get stuck into the (in theory) fun stuff. The fact that the charity will most likely have organised your particular challenge before (and no one’s become a roadrunner-style hole in the ground surrounded by a cloud of dust) is definitely not something to be sniffed at. All that they ask is for your commitment – in sponsorship and attendance.

We often see challenges appear in cycles; seeing another charity’s success gives others the confidence to follow suit – as well as a model for best practice. Which events a charity can profitably get involved in is entirely dependent on the charity, how large it is, how well established they are, as well as how many people they can easily market the event to.

So, what challenge will you face this year?

The Great Wall of China? The Three Peaks? The Thames Canoe Marathon? To anyone taking part in their dream mission – we salute you! We’d love to hear about your adventures this summer, so keep us updated and by tagging us in on Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. And, if you need some inspiration, here’s our top picks for challenge events this year:

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