The New Pebblebeach – what’s not to like?

Exciting times here in Pebblebeach Towers. Following our busiest ever year we’ve expanded our team and have also been sneakily working on our own brand and this website!


Money money money

2018 saw some truly stunning results for our clients across the UK. We proved so many times that every charity, whatever the size, resource or budget, can raise the money they need. It’s just a case of transferring the passion and enthusiasm for the cause to the donor – and making sure it’s really obvious how the donor is going to help.


2019 – what a year it could be

We know a lot of charities are having a tough time making the money they need. And Brexit certainly hasn’t helped. But we also know that when we present British individuals and organisations with a persuasive, evidence-rich arguments – they respond. In fact, they respond even better than before – last Christmas, Chestnut Tree House’s Snowman Spectacular Appeal was their all-time most successful campaign.


Support for every fundraising charity

Pebblebeach is here to support all charities of all sizes. We’ve been fundraisers ourselves for more years than we’d probably wish to admit. We know that charities need help sometimes – from people who are straightforward, experienced and honest. Our primary objective is to be the agency we’d want to employ if we were back on the charity side of the fence.


Good, fast and cheap – 2 out of 3 disproved

We deliver excellent work that brings in the money. Our fun, experienced team turn campaigns around on time. And, we offer incredibly good value – our fees are less than half you’d find other agencies charging. So, turns out you can have good, fast AND cheap after all. What’s not to like?

There are examples of some of our fab and groovy fundraising here – have a look around!


Hurry! This exclusive offer will expire etc etc blah blah blah

We’ve geared up for a big year in 2019. We were ‘full’ in 2018, had to turn work away for the first time ever. And this made us sad L. We’re excepting to be full again this year – so you’d better get in quick! Whatever your fundraising needs, give us a call and we’ll talk about how Pebblebeach can bring in extra money for your cause.